Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Therese!

My good friend Therese celebrates her birthday today and I think it is the first one in about 7 year that we have not celebrated together. She is currently in Moldova with her husband Nils and son Marcus. Despite the fact that she is not here in the Bay area today I did get to talk to her ealrier for a few minutes on Skype and I can celebrate her here. Also later today I am going out to buy some really nice ice cream and I will eat it for both of us! Therese, hope the note you got in your mailbox yesterday was for your birthday package from me and you will have fun opening it as much fun as I had putting it together!

Here are some photographs of Therese to celebrate the wonderful friend she is to me and many more people she touches where ever she goes. Come back soon we miss you and love you very much!

And what a beautiful bride she was  - Therese and Nils on their wedding day July 2006 with Larry and moi!

Therese on the far left with my McCann and Fogarty cousins, Larry and of course Jackson in the front!
We were all having fun at a BBQ at my apartment in Mountain View. 

See how beautiful she was on my wedding day. The first  photos was taken before we left my parents house  with Aoife and my cousin Ciaran. The second photo was outside the Honan Chapel as they waited for the Bride to arrive!

Not alone did Therese perform a wonderful bridesmaid job on the day but she also sang at the Mass. Here is a picture of the bride and groom with all our wonderful choir friend who came from the Bay area to make our wedding mass a day to remember forever. 

Practicing for the mass the day before with Maria and Bella.

Many of Therese birthdays had ice skating and ice cream themes. 
I am not 100% what year this one is but it must be a number of year ago as Josh looks so young!

Therese with her beautiful niece and Godchild Erin on her First communion day:

In 2004 we had a quiet dinner party at her place in Berkeley and a game of Trivial Pursuit and if I remember that was an awesome carrot cake! There must have been ice cream somewhere.

Last years birthday event we had to avoid  the ice skating due to the fact that Marcus was on the way! We did have great fun making homemade pizza, singing and of course the ice cream making machine was out:

Here is a video of last years ice cream making event - such fun!!

I will finish up this post with a cute picture of Marcus:

Happy Birthday Therese 


Alice Gunther said...

What a fitting tribute to a beautiful, dear friend!

It's a whole scrapbook and a gift in itself.

Dee said...

Aw everyone is so gorgeous and happy!

What a beautiful sentiment.