Sunday, January 6, 2008

Epiphany - Little Women's Christmas - 12th Day of Christmas

So today of course is the Epiphany and we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men but there is also this wonderful tradition it Cork Ireland that I would like to share.

In Cork today, Jan 6th, is also know as "Little Women's Christmas", because the women have worked so hard over the Christmas period cooking Christmas cakes and puddings since November, organizing the presents, cleaning the house from top to bottom, doing the Christmas dinner etc etc. The husband and men of the house always gave the women of the house an extra present on Jan 6th. Growing up in our house it was never a big gift, Dad would arrive home with chocolates for Mom and Nan and a book for me ( I was and still am a bookworm) but it was always very special.

Christmas 2003 was the first Christmas Larry and I were together, Len and Gwen were visiting San Francisco and Larry got gently introduced to the tradition ( I think Dad told him she will expect a present tomorrow or you will be a dead man!!) Larry has kept the tradition going every year since - I wonder what I will get today?

I was just on the phone home to Cork and my parents are having Sunday lunch at my brother, Brian's. Daddy is surrounded by all his Little Women but one ( Moi) He wished me "Happy Little Women's Christmas" my nieces Aoife ( 5) and Aislinn (2 1/2) shouted "A whole lot a women" out loud in the background. Oh how we laughed!

So to all Len's Little Women - Gwen, Leona, Niamh, Aoife, Aislinn and Eimear - The O'Flaherty girls - Hope you have a very special day today and yes, Aoife and Aislinn are right we are " A whole lot a women!!!"

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Murphy Family said...

I LOVE this am not sure my husband who is not even an american yet, has not told me of this! :) lol He will be hearing soon of it! Also, my friend, those are FOUR of the names we wanted for Bernadette. If God graces us with a #2...Aoife Mary is already her name..Peace to you and yours...Andrea