Sunday, October 28, 2007

Operation Leonard - Part One

So today we started getting ready for my Dad visit. Our second bedroom is currently and office with a futon, computer table, bookcase, chair and lots of what I could call "junk" that we do not have room for anywhere else. The plan was to move some of the stuff our to the garage and move my old bed back in to make the office into a second bedroom. We really couldn't expect Dad to sleep on the futon, could we??

Here are a few pictures I took today as we began the process:

The futon in the hall way:

Contents of the office in our bedroom:

Moving the filing cabinet:

Hmmmmmmmmm Not sure what he is doing:

Moving my Swiss princess bed from the garage:

The bed get reassembled in the bedroom:

Lar was exhausted when he was done he had to take a nap.

Next step was to put new art work in place:

Pooh knows which flag to fly the highest! :-)

So the Princess Swiss Bed is back in place ( Gwen you can stop laughing now!! ) and Part Two of Operation Leonard is to air the mattress, make the bed and make the room pretty. We are so looking forward to your visit Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a mill. - I really enjoyed all your pictures and beautiful sharing. Hugs 2 u.

I'm sure you are counting the days for Len's visit and I'm sure bedroom is fit for a King!

Aunt Veron