Friday, October 12, 2007

Flowers at Holy God

Today I was on Skype with my 2 and half year old niece, Aislinn, and she told her Auntie Leona a really cute story!

My Dad is the Sacristan at our Parish church in Ireland and today Nannie and Aislinn went to visit him as he got the church ready for a wedding.

Here is what she said "Oh the church was beautiful, flowers at the door, flowers up the sides, flowers at steps and flowers at Holy God"

" flowers at Holy God" translates to flowers on the altar. I just wished I was in Ireland to give her a really big hug and soak up her innocence.

Isn't she the cutest? Here is a picture taken of her on her summer holidays in Killarney, Co. Kerry:


Naomi Sparman (naparman) said...

How cute is that. Kids say the cutest things. She is adorable :)

Lorraine said...

Hello Leona,

I read your comment about my little post called October 7-Mothers. Please go to my blog, print out a prayer card and ask Sr. Marie to help you to conceive a little baby for the glory of God! There have been so many favors granted and prayers answered for those who have prayed through her intercession. Please keep me posted and we'll all celebrate by placing "Flowers at Holy God!" :)