Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playing hookey in the City

Tuesday I spent the day in the city and had a great time. The sky was a clear blue, sun was shining and it was 82 degrees very unseasonal for October 23rd. As I was coming up from Mountain View where the weather is usually warmer I put on my jeans and a black warm sweater, boy was it a wrong choice.

I walked the streets as if it was the first time I was there. On Market I stood and watched the shoeshine guy and enjoyed his jazz music. I wandered around watching the tourist waiting for the cable car and watched the hot dog vendor on Union square.

First stop was to Cinta Salon and got my hair done! Left feeling great, Dymphna and Jackie are always fun to spent time with and do a good job with my hair.

Lunch time came and the tourist and shoppers were mingled with those who work in the city out enjoying the sun and eating a salad or a sandwich for lunch.

During the weekend, as I cleaned up in the office I came across two gift cards for Talbots and Ann Taylor so after my tour of Union Square I headed to Post Street and did some shopping. I left the stores with lots of new tops and only spent 91 cents of my money. I was great to shop with free money!! :-)

As I crossed back over Union square towards my car, I passed the flower seller and some sunflowers caught my eyes. They reminded me of my friend Therese who used them as her wedding centerpieces. She is now in Moldova for a year and on Tuesday morning we spoke on the Skype for a few moments. It was so great to hear her voice and hear Marcus coo in the background. I bought two sunflowers, one for her and one for me. They sit on my coffee table right now and make me smile when I look at them, Therese and I have lots of wonderful memories and I know we will have lots of them in the future.
Here are the flowers:

I had such a great day, I need to plan a few more days playing hookey in the city!

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