Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Joys give us our wings

As you can see my Blog is called "Fly my butterfly wings", I have loved butterflys for as long as I remember and I am excited to know that my two nieces especially Aoife loves them too. Here are a few of the butterflies that "fly in my home":

The little joys that give me my wings are my three wonderful nieces. Here is a picture of a butterfly that Aoife painted for me:

On the back it says "Aoife 07" in Nannies handwriting and then in Aoife's handwriting it has a love heart three kisses and says "To Leona love Aoife". It holds pride of place on my bookcase.

In my Easter basket from Larry, I got a beautiful softbound bible with a butterfly on the front (amazingly enough at Costco):

Also in my basket was the following oven mitt which is never used and is only there to ornate the kitchen:

Recently Larry has been working with clay and he made me the following:

Here are a few of Aoife on her birthday this year, how cute is this:

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