Monday, October 22, 2007

Welcome to the family of the Catholic Church Eimear Gwendolyn

Yesterday in the Church of the Incarnation, Frankfield, Cork, my newest niece Eimear Gwendolyn was christened. Here are a few pictures of her big day.

Arriving at the church with her Daddy, my brother Brian.

She is dressed in a crochet gown made with love by my Mom, Gwen which was also worn by her big sisters Aoife (5) and Aislinn(2 1/2).

Niamh making sure Eimear is all ready for her special moment and Granddad O'F holding her candle looking very proud.

As Fr.Crowley started the prayers Aoife and Aislinn sat quietly taking their job of holding the water and candle very seriously.

Getting ready to have the water over her head - will she cry????

What a wonderful O'Flaherty she was she didn't even cry!

Cork City is having a water problem at the moment and that morning the south side of the city had no tap water therefore Eimear was baptized with Ballygown, a local bottled water. Fr.Crowley said Eimear was the first baby in the history of the church to have blessed bottled water and he thanked God for Ballygowan.

Brian and Aislinn lighting the candle from the Pascal candle

Brian, Niamh, Aoife, Aislinn, Eimear and Fr. Crowley after the cermony:

Eimear with her Mammy, Niamh and her sister and two cousins Caoimhe and Aine

Thanks to Brian for sending the photos to me so quickly and for Dad for telling me the little stories behind the photos. It made me feel like I was there. Need to plan my next trip home so I can hold my newest niece before she gets too big!


Brian sent me some more pictures take later in the evening of Eimear on her own and then with her Grandparents.

Look what a happy baby she is:

With Nannie and Granddad O'Flaherty:

With Nannie and Granddad McMahon:

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emeraldwednesday said...

awwwww, so cute! And I love all the Irish names- you'll have to tell me how to pronounce all of them sometime.