Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is it just my husband or would all men do this?

So last night Larry told me when he shaved that morning his face was very dry and flaky " ............but I opened the top drawer and found some moisturize and it worked wonders." I stared wondering to myself which moisturizer he used.

In the top drawer there are a number of small sample moisturizers from Clinique and Lancome also wondered if it was the Mac one I just bought myself as a special gift. I responded " That is great honey which one did you use" His response was the green one!

I sat there for about 10 mins thinking - the Clinique one is yellow, Mac is white in a silver container..........I don't remember any green ones. As I continued to play Jewel Quest, I forgot about this until I went into the bathroom later last night. I was busy on the loo and I caught sight of a tube of cream on the vanity. I picked it up and stared to laugh out loud.

My wonderful dear husband had used "Earth Therapeutics Gardner's Hand Repair" on his face! I read the back and it says " Use everyday, year round to promote softer, smoother, younger-looking hands. Also works on knees, elbow and other dry skin areas" It has shea butter and oatmeal so I suppose it cannot be that bad for his face.

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