Monday, January 31, 2011

Life Is Like A Bowlful Of __________________

Check out this wonderful post from my quilting friend Thearica  who is starting to take names for the 2011 Ronald McDonald House Crayola Challenge.  Read her post to see what twist she has added for this years challenge.

For the quilt challenge we need to fill in the blanks for this statement "Life Is Like A Bowlful Of __________________ "   and then chose a color that represent the word in the blank and using any shade of that color and also black and white to make a quilt.

Of course I have signed up but still trying to decide what my color would be.

This is my third time entering this challenge and you can read about the others here and here! At the end of both of these raffles there was a check of $4000 given to Ronald McDonald House in Texas another check for $4000 given to the house at Stanford, CA.

You can see the quilts from the last challenge that used the Life Is Like A Bowlful of _______  theme here.

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