Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying to catch Santa

I got this picture on Christmas eve, it is my eight year old niece who was on a mission to catch santa by staying up all night in the sitting room under the tree. Aoife fell a sleep long before Santa arrived and woke up about 4am in  the morning amazed that Santa had arrived, left lots of gifts  and had drank his milk and Rudolf had chewed up his carrot.

I love this picture for many reasons and one of which is that she is asleep under a quilt I made for her.

Both Aoife and I love butterflies and when I found this fabric I just knew that I had to make her a quilt out of it.  I love the inspirational message that it provides and I hope Aoife has lots of dreams that inspire her on the journey of her life as she cuddles and sleeps under this quilt which  was stitched with love by her Auntie Leona.

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