Sunday, August 31, 2008

No more sewing in the Kitchen

As seen in previous post, I have started a new hobby which is quilting and really enjoying it. I love the creativity and also my local Quilting store has wonderful classes, I love going there to meet new people and learning new skills for my new hobby. One of the draw backs was that the only big space I could use to set every thing up was the kitchen table. At the beginning I used to set up the machine and take it down again but then I got to much other stuff associated to my craft and the kitchen table became my permanent sewing area.

Last week, Lar asked me what I wanted as a gift for our anniversary ( we got married Labor Day 2006) and I told him that all I wanted was the spare bedroom converted in a sewing room. This entailed removing my old bed and retiring it back to the garage, putting together a new corner desk, and bring back in the futon frame from the garage and boxing up some stuff that just wouldn't fit in the room any more. This was a BIG job!!

Friday it was started and when I got home from work about 3pm on Friday afternoon, the bed was taken apart and out in the garage and the task of starting the desk assembly was just about to start. I, of course, started a photo essay of what happened up until the 49er game started and what was done to finished the room on Saturday:

The great news was that half the room was ready with the sewing tables all in place by the kick off of the game and I was able to work on Lar gift a 49er quilt. Of course, you all know that for second anniversary gifts are cotton. I have three and half more days left so I better get my skate on, the top is done but the most of the work is still left to be done!! The great news is I have a wonderful room to do the work in, Thanks Lar, I love my sewing room.

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Lar said...

Oh, don't go to so much trouble. A HD flat screen that we both can share and enjoy would be easier on you. Just thinking of your enjoyment too.