Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introducing Mr Frog.............

As  I explained in my earlier post I have taking a quilt class recently and one of the reason was to learn how to finish off a quilt I had started in January for Aislinn. I had worked on the individual squares which had applique hearts and then it just sat there as I got physical therapy for my shoulder injury.  In early June I decided to take a class at Eddies Quilting Bee, a local quilt store to get some tips on how to do the quilt assembly and then to learn how to do the actual quilting. 

Here are the squares that I took pictures of to show Aislinn when I visited home in April:

I did applique the hearts but the butterflies and fireflies are iron ons!  During my class I did finish off joining all the squares and adding the boarders.  oh  I forgot to mention, Aislinn, Uncle Lar cut out the hearts! 

Two weeks ago with Lar's help ( he has more patience than me to do this) we did the quilt sandwich which is putting the top, batting and back together with pins to have it ready for the next step the quilting. We had to move the coffee table and do it on the sitting room floor. Since then I have been looking at it wondering when was I going to get the courage to do the quilting and the binding. I learnt what to do at the class but that was with the teacher behind me or there to call when I had a question. Now I was on my own! 

Friday I came home from work and was going to continue on the piecing of another quilt top, the easy part and decide "No lets do some work on Mr. Frog". So I changed to a walking foot on my machine to do the quilting at about 3:30pm and began working and working and working. I got totally carried away and at 10:30pm I sat back and realized  I had not had dinner but I kept going as I was on a roll. Here was the result at 2:15 am on Saturday morning:

Here are some close up for more details ( click on the pictures to see the detail) :

And a look of the back:

I am very proud of the results. I have caught the quilting bug and my sewing machine has taken up permanent residency on the kitchen table which we now call the sewing room! The ironing board and kitchen chairs all covered with different fabric strips and quilt blocks.  I just ordered some awesome fabric  to start Aoife's quilt which will remain a secret until I get the top done, all I told her was it has butterflies, I wonder where she got her passion for butterflies!! :-)


Maria said...

Beautiful! Aislinn is a very lucky girl to have such a talented auntie.

Alice Gunther said...

That quilt is completely beautiful! I love it!