Monday, September 5, 2011

Art and Stitch - Design Day 6 - Celtic Knot

I am so excited to show my first Celtic knot since I started playing with Art and Stitch I have been trying different options on how to digitize Celtic designs. For a longarm machine the stitches of a design need to be  in a continuous path and you need to draw in the order you want the machine to sew it out.  For knots it is not always possible to identify the path without backtracking in parts. Well I tried lots of different options which looked good but stitching them out ended up with lots of oversewing and really didn't look good.
Tonight I picked a simple knot and decided to bring it in as a backdrop and trace the design, backtracking where I needed too. It took lots of attempts and lots of use of the reshape tool but I am very proud of my first Celtic Knot.
 I stitched it out on my embroidery machine and it turned out well but I did see an area that didn't quite touch correctly and was able to fix it. Must set up my longarm tomorrow with some fabric to test my designs on it also.

Here it is stitched out:

I really had a very fun Friday night and even better is that the Giants won!


Dee said...

I think it's a great idea that you're practicing what you learned in class every day. Once I leave a class, I generally put the materials aside and then forget what it was I learned! You're sure to feel very comfortable with the software at the end of the month. Beautiful designs and each so different.

Theo van der Heijden said...

Great Knot !
You are doing well.
Love to see the progress you make.