Friday, September 2, 2011

Art and Stitch - Design Day 3 - Swan Fun!

Today's fun started out with a photograph I took of a swan on The Lough when I was at home recently. I did a post a while back about The Lough in Cork and it is one place that I always have to visit when I am in Cork.

Here is the photo that I started with:

I opened it as a backdrop in Art and Stitch and traced the swan and here is what it turned out like after much reshaping:

And here is the swan stitched out:

Not bad for a first attempt.

And then I decided to stitch it again but this time with 2 swans and my first attempt at water:


Superior Threads said...

I love watching the process of quilting the swan. Really? That's your first attempt? Very well done.


Loes van der Heijden said...

Leona, I can see that you are ready for an extra challenge: Swans have feathers, so you could see the inside of your swan contour as a new canvas, to draw some wings and feathers as a continuous path.
Open the photo again as a background and let it help you to "see" the feathers.


Butterfly said...

Loes will take that challenge and see what I come up with.