Sunday, June 8, 2008

A wonderful few hours at the Park

The next part of my Saturday in San Francisco was to met up with my friend Marie and her wonderful children, Charlotte and Alexander.  We headed to a local park and had a great time. I was so sad I was dressed in my dress and heals or I would have been all over the new play things in the park. 

Charlotte is having some very special Fridays at the moment as on Friday June 6th she celebrated her 6th birthday and next Friday she will graduate Kindergarden.

Charlotte, you are growing up so fast  - I remember with joy the day you were born and I love watch you blossom and grow with each passing year

Here are the photos I took:

It was one of those special sunny San Francisco  days and even more special that I got to spent it with Maria, Charlotte and Alexander.

Thanks so much for my beautiful Butterfly necklace, I LOVE it and am still wearing it. 

Have a wonderful trip to visit family in Cleveland and I look forward to seeing you all soon after your trip.

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Maria said...

It was great seeing you too! Thanks for the wonderful photos. We'll share ours soon as well.