Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday morning I attended a Mass of Solemn Profession where my friend Karl, with 5 of his fellow Dominican Brothers, took vows to dedicates himself totally to God.  It was a wonderful ceremony to witness and I was so happy to see Br. Lupe take another step on his life's journey  and follow God's Call. He looked so happy and I was so proud of him!

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken to record this wonderful occasion:

After the Gospel was proclaimed, the Brothers to be professed prostrated themselves with their hands extended in the form of the a cross:

Br. Lupe kneeling before  the Prior Provincial with his hands laid upon the book of COnstitutions, making his profession:

Br. Lupe and his Brothers looking so happy at the end of the ceremony as the procession comes back up the end of the church. 

Another wonderful part of my visit to St. Dominic's was to get to see some of my friends from the time I used to be a parishioner and a member of the Young Adult Group:

                                 Joe, Tim and Larry
Sarndra, Jay and Susan                                      
                                                   Susan, Maria, Bobby, Tim and Virginia 

I love this picture of Karl, oopsh I should say Br. Lupe, chatting with some guests outside the reception in the Parish Hall.  It is a typical pose of his that I remember seeing often as he listened intently to others at Young Adult Meetings, at Choir events, at Renew meetings and at many late night parties that I had the pleasure of sharing with him.

And a final one of Karl and Leona:

And here is a slide show of all the photos I took on the day:

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