Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great progress today on a Cherrywood Hickory Star

This morning I was trying to decide on what project to work on, I really wasn't in the mood to do the backing for the Twisted 9 patch and put it on the frame as I am still deciding on how to quilt it. I could take my Labyrinth out again and get it finished, it currently is on the bed in the spare room but it didn't really talk to me today.

I decided to work on an Embroidery Christmas tree that I want to make this year, had to search my computer for the instructions and when I found it, I discovered that I needed water soluble stabilizer, which I knew I had but couldn't find it. I can see where it was in my old apartment but couldn't find it today in my new sewing room.  As I looked for it, I came across 2 Cherrywood jelly rolls and pattern that I bought about 3 years ago at PIQF and I decided to give it a go.

The first step was to decide how to divide the strips into 4 groups of nine, which Lar helped with and then sew them together. Next the strata needed to be cut into 4 triangles each which become the star points. The template on the pattern was not that great and as the instructions said "be careful when cutting there is no room for cutting errors" it was a little nerve racking but it turned out fine! 

Here is what it looked like just before dinner

I have added on some of the background tonight a great navy color and hope to get the rest of the background on and join to all together after work tomorrow.

I loved working with the Cherrywood, the colors are just wonderful and the fabric has a lovely soft feel to it. 

Overall a wonderful day in the sewing room.

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Colleen Nunes said...

Wow! Just beautiful!