Friday, May 2, 2008

The Butterfly Story

Before this great change comes about, The fuzzy little worm withdraws from its caterpillar world, an finds itself a place alone ,and there painfully, and with much struggling, it wraps itself tightly into a cocoon of its own making; It literally seals itself from the world. Days pass and then, very gradually, a crevice appears in the hard outer layer of its private little cage---and finally a new creature emerges, quite different creature, too! It sits for awhile, clinging to its familiar surroundings, waiting for the warmth of the sunshine to dry its wings-and after while , it begins to flutter from flower to flower; and each time it lights on one it strengthens itself with what each one has to offer ,and at the same time it leaves the pollen that it has gathered up from every flower it has visited-thus enabling the flower to make seeds and born again.

The butterfly is a spiritual symbol-transformation, beauty ,fragility .It has been described as the Kiss of God. Look at the butterfly and see GOD.

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