Saturday, April 12, 2008

More bread has been made this time in San Francisco

I have just been reading one of my favourite blogs and low and behold I saw my name mentioned and was so happy to learn of the healing power of my Irish Brown bread I had to post about it here on my blog.

Alexander you may remember was also featured in my Easter Sunday photo slide show as I had Brunch with him, his sister, Charlotte and his Mummy, Maria and some more friends.

Apparently Alexander has been under the weather with a fever and I am happy to report is back to his happy go luck self again which is contributed to the wonderful healing properties of Irish Brown Bread.

Alexander and Charlotte have had one of my famous brown bread kits and Alexander and his Mummy decided to make it recently. Here are some pictures to show you what a great job he did:

And here is Charlotte enjoying eating the results of all Alexanders hard work:

Charlotte since you were at school and missed out on making the bread I will make you your own very special kit anytime you want it.

I am so glad you all enjoyed the Irish Brown Bread and that it has such magic powers to make Alexander better from his fever.

Oh and I should probably note that the Maria mention in the post below who sang with me at Andrea and Gerry's wedding is Alexanders and Charlotte's Mummy. We know each other a long time now and sang together at St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco for a number of years and have been really good friends since. Here is a picture take of the two of us on Easter Sunday:

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Maria said...

Hi Leona,
Thanks again for the kit, and thanks for the kind words in your post. Instead of making us another kit, I'd love to get your favourite recipe for the bread. Then I could replace the dairy ingredients with soy so that Julian could enjoy it too. I hope you're having a wonderful visit.
Maria & the Websters