Sunday, April 27, 2008

It the time of the year....... the Bay Area to plant Tomatoes. We went to OSH today and got some tomato plants, I grow them every year and have fun seeing how they grow and how many actual tomatoes I get per plant. Here is what I planted today:

There is one empty pot to plant cherry tomatoes, which they didn't have at OSH today.  Now I just have to remember to water them every day and promise to post pictures again in a few week to show you all how much they have grown!


Maria said...

I may need to consult your green thumb! Our previous attempt at growing tomatoes was a disaster. It never even flowered. We bought a tomato plant on Friday. Then today Alexander planted some tomato seeds. Of course, our kitchen is probably not the ideal location, but it's the best we can do. Welcome back!

Lar said...

I get no credit? I thought you said since we planted them together I would get the blame if they did not make it! :)

Andrea said...

If only I could grow in this desert heat!!!! I can't wait to move back to teach Detta! We do have two desert plants that are doing well :) Peace!