Saturday, March 1, 2008

More miracles of Spring.......

This morning I noticed that one of the bulbs that Dad had planted had exploded in color and of course I had to go investigate. I knelt down and looked at it for a few minutes and then went to get my camera to take a picture so show him what emerged and survived the attach of the squirrels:

A wonderful daffodil standing tall and proud.

I then turned and looked down the other end of the garden and noticed that one of the calla lilies was in full bloom:

Thanks to Dad and Tamara for proving this plants for me to enjoy and experience the miracles of Spring.

As I took the photos of the lilies I picked on of the oranges from my tree and had it for my lunch later in the day it was yummy, very sweet and juicy.

I wander out to the front garden to see if there was anything else I could photograph and I took the following photographs:


In the archway these  buds are begin to show and in a few weeks these will transform into be wonderful orange blooms. 

On the garage vines I took the following photos:

What a wonderful 25 minutes I had this morning  being mindful to what was going on around me, enjoying the miracles of spring and marveling at the wonders of Gods creations  that exist for us to enjoy if we only take the time to do it.

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