Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Crazy Month 1 First Block

So of course I had to start experimenting with making the hst with the foundation paper and loved how they turned out.

I started with 2 61/2 inch fabric and the foundation paper, lined them up and sewed along the dashed line:

Then cut along the solid lines:

And then remove the paper and a little iron and here are some 2 1/2 inch hst:

Made more orange and pink hst:

And then assembled them into the first block which is 8 1/2 inched square:

Overall a very productive and enjoyable few hours.

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Dee said...

Very pretty block! I also love to use the foundation paper when making multiple HSTs of the same fabric. When I was in Paducah several years ago, I found a version that you iron onto your fabric (like freezer paper) that does the same thing. I liked it even more but it was a lot more expensive so I've gone back to the cheaper version.