Monday, February 7, 2011

Life is like a bowlful Of __________________

so I decided on Lavender as my color for this quilt challenge. I love the smell of lavender and the color and also I think it will look great with black and white.

I have looked online for some lavender inspiration so here are a few I found:

And for fabric I found this lovely Batik Lavender Cascade fabric by Avlyn fabric:

I also have been trying to think of a design and thinking some thing fresh and modern. I have been reviewing some of the quilts on Flickr and here are some that caught my eye:

You can read more about this here

From Flickr I found this and other wonderful designs from

Now I am off to sleep to smell some lavender and dream some great quilt designs!


Dee said...

I don't consider myself a modern quilter, but I really like that first quilt you showed. Your fabric is also gorgeous! I love the gradation of it.

Thearica said...

I second the vote for the first quilt! Love that wonky look! :)

alex said...

love the flowers.. especially the color..

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Daintytime said...

Love purple - especially the way you have displayed it here in all of it's rich manifestations. Wish you well with your purple quilt manifestation.

Nancy said...

Do you know where I could find the Gordian Knot pattern. I see you have pictures posted in 2008 of a class to make this quilt.

Nancy said...
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