Friday, May 1, 2009

Tomato time again

In early April I was at the garden center and they had tomato plants, I felt it was a little early to plant them but the two people working at the garden center told me it should be fine. I bought  some Early girls, some cherry tomatoes and some Big Beef tomatoes along with some flowers.

We got home and spent a while cleaning up the pots from last year and got the new tomatoes, planted, watered and all ready. Also planted the flowers, it was great to be work in the garden again as it was a while  since I felt the dirty in my finger!

It was a nice sunny April day when we were working in the garden but as we moved into the afternoon the wind picked up some. I really wasn't that worried about it until Lar called me from the kitchen and said "look where the umbrella has blown too." I went to the back door to see the umbrella lying across the newly planted tomatoes. We quickly rescued the plants which were really not damaged in any way the cages were just moved a little from the weight of the umbrella.

The following show some pictures of the planting day:

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